Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crochet Earrings #3

The days are going fast,
cant believe January is almost over....
I hope this month has been awesome for you.
For me, i believe it going on well
am loving some spontaneous things
 that am doing,
like attending a gig,
 not knowing anyone and making new friends....
thats a big step for a laid back
person like me.
i went for Chillage at the Village Market- a bowling event
that goes down every last friday of the month
i must say i will make it a point of going every month....
bowling is fun i have to admit.
Now onto crocheting,
Since i started the  weekly crochet earrings
two weeks ago,
i believe this piece is the most inspiring one that i have made so far.
i didnt have an idea of what i was making..
i just came as i was working on it..
enough trumpet blowing
now to the pics......

i would like to thank
Kate from Stiches,Scraps and Sparkles in the sun
i won a 100 post giveaway
from her blog and got these super cute
dish cloths

I hope you have an enjoyable week...
Keep safe