Tuesday, March 25, 2014

bag tutorial part 4- handles

we are almost done with our tutorial.
hope you are happy so far with your bag.
lets get started on the handles.

straps-make 2

i wanted my straps to be 20 inches 
so i chained 40 inches(we are going to use them when they are folded).
i didn't count since the number 
will vary according to the desired length of your handles

row 2-4 dc all through 
you should end up with something like this
fasten off leaving a long strand of your yarn that you will use to join the strap

hold two edges together,and using overcasting stitch join them as follows
 you should end up with 2 of these straps

attaching the handles to the bag

put one of the strap through one eyelet of the bag and then through the next eyelet on the same side of the bag as shown below

join the edges with a needle and thread to have one infinity strap through your two eyelets on one side
do the same to the other side

strap holders-make 2

row1     chain40
row 2-15  dc all through.you should end up with this
taking one strap-holder place two straps of  one side of the bag in the middle
bring the two edges together and using overcasting stitch join them as below
do the same for the other side and you are done....

i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
thanks for the read.
keep safe,

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