Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crochet Earrings #3

The days are going fast,
cant believe January is almost over....
I hope this month has been awesome for you.
For me, i believe it going on well
am loving some spontaneous things
 that am doing,
like attending a gig,
 not knowing anyone and making new friends....
thats a big step for a laid back
person like me.
i went for Chillage at the Village Market- a bowling event
that goes down every last friday of the month
i must say i will make it a point of going every month....
bowling is fun i have to admit.
Now onto crocheting,
Since i started the  weekly crochet earrings
two weeks ago,
i believe this piece is the most inspiring one that i have made so far.
i didnt have an idea of what i was making..
i just came as i was working on it..
enough trumpet blowing
now to the pics......

i would like to thank
Kate from Stiches,Scraps and Sparkles in the sun
i won a 100 post giveaway
from her blog and got these super cute
dish cloths

I hope you have an enjoyable week...
Keep safe

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crochet Earrings #2- Grey Rose Earrings

Hi this is week two of crochet 
i love how well its going.
this week i got to do this set from
an inspiration CAL i joined last year.
its the granny rose CAL
i love how simple it is and 
the result is beautiful you have to agree with me.
I made these
from the roses i got the
inspiration and made these
grey rose earrings
so here is the 
make of the week

and now
 inspiration of the week

.please note that i did not make this earring 
and the photo is not mine...
please do not forget to over to Astri's page and 
get to see amazing projects she is having to use up her stash...
great Wednesday and keep safe...
do not forget to leave your amazing comment and links.

have an awesome day

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crochet Earrings #1

Hi my lovely readers,
I hope the year is treating well.
so far i have seen the hand of God.
This year i am in the way of ensuring that i post more regularly
make this blog more interactive.
On that note ,
I will be posting every Wednesday of  
this month and  next month on 
crochet earrings
 photos of earrings that i  have made and
inspiration photos
from the web to help us get creative.
so lets do this....
 this week on

make of the week

i made them using red thread ,
they are light and very comfortable 

inspiration of the week 

i cant really remember the site i downloaded this photo
from but the earring is so beautiful..
what do you think???
have a lovely day...
do not forget to leave a comment....they make my day :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year #2013!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone...
i hope your year is taking you well.
for me, 
i have got all these new zeal from within
i believe this always comes with the new year.
these new desire to act on those things that you plan for
those new ideas that are always popping in your head and you just cant sleep without
implementing them.
This year i am planning to give it my best,
those are my five words 2013.
 so what words are leading you this year?