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On this page i get to recommend blogs that i have read and found interesting .I am recommending them to you to increase our reading list and learn as we grow.
If you have any interesting blog you would like to recommend send me an e-mail and i will highlight it.
They need not to be crochet related but i will highlight more of them.
This is one of my favorite blogs,i must say, am always
on the look out to see what she is up to.
the amazing thing is how much she knows about sewing
she is a guru
she makes sewing look so easy in her tutorial which are very well explained and detailed.
how i wish i was that good
check out this
you will love it.

No. 3
Is the highlight of the day
this is a blog that has amazing photos of crocheted work.
i believe she is an amazing crocheted check out her blog profile picture she is wearing a beautifully well made crocheted dress that is to die for.
Please visit her blog to see for yourself
check out this amazing sweater on her blog though she hasnt made it it is inspirational
beyond-vintage-white-pullover-with crochet embelishments
susanD1408 crochet addict
she is a crocheter who has so much content on her blog and really inspires me.She has a giveaway page that shows you the giveaways from other sites and when they are to be won.follow this link to see the page giveaways.There are amazing free-patterns. and she can crochet.check out her blog

The name 'queen of funky diy 'quite suits her .She has tutorials of how to diy almost everything.she has amazing creativity that will intrigue you.this piece amazed me  diy -juan carlos obando -inspired necklace
its a tutorial that is so easy to follow and easy to find materials......spice up your wardrobe !!!!
.please go to the above link and visit her blog.
p.s also go to her profile and check her age , trust me she is young

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