Tuesday, December 13, 2011

beaded key holder

hi everyone now that the holidays are here,the spirit of giving out presents is in the air.Although presents are not only supposed to be given out during holidays it only gives an opportunity to think of others. so this Christmas i am giving out a key holder that i made out of metal wire,beads(mixed colored and different textures) and you also need a key ring.the mixed colors gives the key holder a lot of color though you could used one color. *use two metal wire gauges.for the structure use a hard 17" and the soft thin wire for joining the beads to the base. *beads amount depending on whether you want to fill up the structure or leave some space *and a key ring to ijoin the keys with the made key holder.1910
steps on how to make the key holder 1.using the hard metal wire make a structure either an oval shape or a circle.make two loops to join the circle or the oval shape and also where to place the key ring 2.fill up the inside of the structure using the beads.start by rolling the soft metal wire at one point of the structure and then insert the bead in the soft wire and then roll the soft wire on the hard wire.do this til you fill up the structure.start filling ip the inside to the design and the extent that you want. 3.finally place the keyring into the loop and place your keys its a realy nice project .....hope the person i give it to appreciates it
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