Friday, August 3, 2012

Me, My eyes, Keratoconus and RGPS

Hi,every one its been a while since did a post
i have been busy but all is well.
i have gone back to using

 which are extremely uncomfortable and need a lot of care,
 they also take a bit of time before you get used to them.
these lenses are supposed to correct my
 visual distortion
caused by keratoconus.
I hope i get used to them much faster since the discomfort is major
it feels like an eternity.
so here are some pointers if you are using RGPS
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap that does not have moisturizere in it before handling them.
  • dry you hands well
  • always begin with one eye all the times, if its the right eye always remove it first and always begin with it when you are putting them back on.
those are just but a few
will do some more posts on my experience with RGPS.
Anyone who has some experience in RGPS can give some advice.
have a lovely weekend!!!!
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