Thursday, April 12, 2012

CAL-The Rose Crochet -A-Long 2

Hi y'all ,hope you are okay,i am doing good.
Sometime back i attended an aptitude test and 
i would say i found most of the questions i was not aware of the answers 
so as i go on with a cal
 i will post the questions that i can remember at the end of the post,
from the aptitude test 
and you can suggest some answers
any who
i picked blue as my second color and here is how far i have gone with the cal 

and now tha aptitude questions...................
  1. which country is known as the country of rainbow?
  2. write five words with all the vowels in a single  word?
please do not forget to check out instructions from
if you want to join the cal

 i wish you a wonderful week

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