Friday, March 8, 2013

Cell Phones in The Air for the LADIES

Cell phones in the air,
As praises I declare,
For the women in this land,
I wish I had a band,
That had a tambourine,
And a violin.
She is always out of bed first,
To the kitchen, making breakfast,
Before the family heads out its well fed,
With thanks to GOD to ensure through the day they are well led,
Packs their lunch,
All packed with love, a bunch
As she runs her errands,
Thoughts of her family precious as diamonds,
Looking out for them,
From collar to hem,
Well dressed,
Always blessed
Ooh how they love the homemade,
A scrumptious Meal,
The clothes those are handmade,
Love the way to their skin they feel,
All women made
With all the zeal.
Happy women's day to all the hardworking women out there,
all your efforts don't go unnoticed.
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