Friday, July 5, 2013

Color Blocking

Hi people, I hope you are well.
Its a new month full of new opportunities.
I already love the new month, but I think
its not new any more ,it being the 5th day ,right?
Anyway back to the topic of the day-colour blocking.
so it has been there for a while
 I believe its coming to diversify how we perceive colours
for instance a while back
it was deemed to be colour clashing if your outfit is not colour co-ordinated

photo from pinterest
ever thought of colour blocked I took a journey to look for some
photos  on the web -pin interest
 so this is what I found
photo from pinterest
 yellow and grey-stunning

photo from pinterest
this skirt looks so pretty
photo from pinterest
these slippers are so cute.....
yellow and light blue or is it grey?
oh well this  colour combination is super

so in conclusion its possible to colour block crochet.
so I took up the challenge and make a blanket. Used black and red
I know its so common but I tried right?
put myself out there and came up with
this blanket

so I made huge granny squares and joined them.
 its been a long way coming but here we are ..
only the edges are remaining to finish it off.
so any ideas on what stitch I ought to use on the edges?
suggestions please ...:)

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