Thursday, August 1, 2013

Moccasin Slippers

Hi hope you are having a fabulous week so far,
mine is well and blessed .
so moccasins ,
I have a thing for them, plus all flat shoes and I mean it.
I can walk and walk and not get tired.
I have nothing against heels, I actually
the way they make one look super hot,
but lets be honest walking in heels
especially in Nairobi while still running errands
is a
unless I have a personal assistant
I hope you get where I am going with this,
when I saw this pattern I got goose bumps,
literally. I started imagining how good they would look on me and my motivation was all set.
So this week I have finished a pair of slippers.

I have not done slippers before
and I was a little
reluctant on making these,
I felt a wave of accomplishment flow after I finished,
I am really proud of the out come .
I used brown and dirty white for the stripes.
 I got these yarn from my stash but since the yarn was not enough I had to go and buy some more,
 I will figure out what to make with the reminder.

Have a fabulous day, hope you enjoyed the post.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a successful month ahead.
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