Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Brooch in Every Color

hey every one hope you are doing great.
This week has flown, i cannot believe its already Thursday
and the last one this month to be precise.
Though very busy lately i have to make time for you all
So this week i found a pattern on the internet
on how to make a brooch
it is a really
easy pattern to follow
i cant remember from which website i got it from
but once i do i
have to link it up
.i had some left over orange yarn
and this is how the brooch turned out
what an easy way to spice up your outfit

and i would love to have it in every color
i already have the orange
now to bold colors
 and now the blue

really striking
on another note
i am thinking of filling my online shop with stuff that you guys can buy
this is a sneak preview
please feel free to drop me an email @
.have a fabulous day
and do not forget to spice up your outfit !

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