Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Motif pattern

hello my lovely followers!
I hope you
 are doing great,
i have been M.I.A for a while,
not intentional 
balancing work, school and projects has proved tricky
am starting to wonder,
what happened to my multi-tasking skills????
so here is the pattern for the motif that i promised in my
 previous post


row1:chain 6 slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring
row2: chain 6 (this acts as the first treble and some space), *treble into the ring and chain 3* repeat seven times. you should have 8 spaced trebles
row 3:chain 8 and dc into the spaces in between the trebles above,repeat seven times so that you have 8 chained loops
row 4& 5:*chain 3 and make 3 trebles into the loop chain 3 and make 3 trebles in the same loop* ,(you should be having 6 trebles spaced by three chains in one loop) repear ** till you have filled the loops
repeat rows 4 & 5 till you have the desired size
bind off by slip stitching all around

you can make several motifs and join them 

The red jacket project is finally over:-)
photos are coming soon
the jacket turned out pretty interesring
with a few changes here and there.
i just
love it
I have several slots for pattern testers for the jacket pattern
so if you are interested drop me an email 
it will really make me happy

have a fabulous day!

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