Friday, April 20, 2012

CAL-The Rose Crochet -A-Long 3

i have not yet picked all the colors yet
 since am using leftover yarn for the whole of this project......
.so it doesnt cost a dime only your time..
how cool is that,
moving on swiftly
cream is next on line but wish i had some purple
i love that color second to green
i thot of color blocking this pillow but most of the bold color yarn i had would not be enough fot he roses
so i am picking the colors by chance..
to see the progress of other friends on the crochet along

now to the aptitude question of the day.....
from my previous post i said that i will be posting some questions from an aptitude test i attended
  1. if you have a 3 litre bottle and a 5 litre bottle,with steps explain how you can measure exactly four litres of milk?
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