Saturday, October 6, 2012

Removing RGP Contact Lenses

Hi, there hope you are lovely
so today's topic is on the removal of RGPS,
if you have used RGPS,
 you know that some times it is a task to get them out .
its like
a nightmare....
you are all sleepy and the lenses just cant come off.
It is depressing at times.
so i found this you tube video on how to remove
the lenses.
The lady in the video shows us two methods on
how to take off
contact lenses

I normally used the first method oftenly
since its easy and fast
Although i read somewhere this method
give droopy eyes after a not sure
how true this is.
I would advice for you to use the method that works best for you
so which method works for you and why???
or if you have another method you can share...
lovely day beautifuls..
and a very great weekend!!!!!
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