Wednesday, November 14, 2012

in the mind of a working kenyan

yaani am like super late on making these blog updates,
so mid this week
so who doesnt know that obama  is Kenyan 'lol' okay he is not kenyan but his roots
can be traced back to the mind of a kenyan he is sooooo kenyan.
the craze in kenya was so enormous
Kenyans were way more excited than they way they normally get when one of our political leaders
gets elected in Kenya
if you guys who live abroad(abroad herein meant to say anyone not living in Kenya)
think it was a joke check this youtube video of the mock elections at Kogello...people in this village left what they were doing to go vote

kwanza those guys who were leading the elections made my day with their attire....the Kenyan flag pants....eeeh these guys.....
so let me give you an update about Kogello,
Kogello is a small town in kisumu where Obama's father was" everyone in that town is an obama's supporter".The old know who obama is, and the young ones' in my thinking are born and when they learn to utter their first words thats the first thing they are taught.....#thinking outloud#
if you still dont believe this story here is another one for you.A mother from the same region who gave birth to twins on that day named them Obama and Mitt...That should tell you that Obama is that storyhere

The most thing that dissapointed me with Obama winning is that i was so longing of that kapublic holiday that i thot President Kibaki would announce after Obama wins....and he never did.i know all kenyans were waiting for that in 2008 where it was made a holiday...aaaai you should have seen my sad face on Thursday..when the polls were reassuring i had even started planning for that free day on the corner.
Anyway..the family looked so awesome..when i grow up i want to dress like Michelle Obama..these lady got style like you cant believe

Although i was sad we didnt get a kaholiday to celebrate Obama's victory
i am happy he did get back to office

Still in the mind of a working kenyan i think Kenyans deserved that kaholiday..........
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