Friday, November 16, 2012

Nail Polish Embellished Jeans Wallet

hi, every one,
i hope that you are pretty okay.
i am great today,
woke up with some great mood,(i like)
just heard this jam on the radio...
this jam just lifts up my spirit
no looking back -Damita

anyway enough about my good mood
on to my crafting
i have not done this in a while
i have to confess that i had a pretty worn out wallet that is before saturday
 and i thot i could make one.
so i googled "how to make a fabric wallet" and i got one that seemed easy to make
but i had to use loads of starch for it to stay stiff
you can find the pattern here
i used
  • left over jeans fabric
  • thread n needle
  • starch
  • ironbox
  • butterfly to decorate (optional)
  • nail polish to decorate (optional)
 so this is what i came up with

i added some more nail polish

the nail polish i used

have a lovely furahi day
an awesome weekend everyone
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