Saturday, December 15, 2012

1 year wiser....or so i think

Hi my lovely readers,
 i hope you are keeping safe.
 Now that Christmas is around the corner, 
this is an indicator that the year is almost over.
mmmmh being a sigh of both relief and some disappointment.
I will not go through the details of all that 
God the Almighty 
has done for me,
 its alot believe me you.
With the new year i have a chance of doing things much better bearing in mind i am 1year wiser and not to mention one year older
I have learnt alot from the 
mistakes that i have made,
the opportunities that i missed 
and the things i did right or i thought i did right .
 I am hopeful that 2013 is an year of Grace and that the lord will guide us through it.
Now to crocheting
I have been doing a little bit of crocheting here and there.
Here is a sneak peak of a blanket i am working on
(black and red granny squares)

so what are you working on????please share......

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