Saturday, November 24, 2012

Crochet Earrings Frenzy

hi y'all hope you are well.
a while back ago i got these beautiful earrings-crochet made

from bessy bugo.
In this photo cant realy tell what
i was looking at but i hope
you notice the earrings and not the
weird look.
 she pretty talented and does amazing work
check out her fb page
did i say they are my favourite.
But i cant rock them with office wear
but they go
really well with casual.
on that note here are some inspirations from the web
pretty earrings
i must say
from here
from here i must say
these realy are inspiring
from here
from here
i must say i had done almost similar
earrings an year back
check out that post
Do you have a pair of crocheted earrings?
If yes let me know how best you wear them
have an inspired weekend all

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