Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bag Tutorial -part 2 granny squares

welcome back,
we are now on part 2 ,
i hope you have your supplies ready.
starting us off ,we will be making granny squares....
pretty easy if you have  done granny squares before.
two types of granny squares will be used for this project.so lets get started

 granny square A- make 5 pieces

we will be making normal,easy granny squares
you can use this granny square tutorial

 but add one more row to it

granny square B-make 6 pieces

-chain 5, slip stitch at the 1st chain.(ring formed)

-chain 3(counts as a tr) 1 tr, chain 6 , slip stitch to the top of 1tr, *2tr, chain 6 slip stitch at the top of the last tr* repeat ** 6 times (8 rings should be formed)

-in each of the 8 rings tr 12(this forms 8 petals)

-slip stitch at the space between the two petals.turn your work around. you will be working from the wrong side.
*Chain 5, slip stitch in between the next two petals, chain3 and slip stitch in between the next two petals* repeat** until you are done
You should have something like this

in the chain 5 space Chain 3 (counts as a treble), 2 tr, chain 3,3tr ch1. In the chain 3 space,3 tr chain1,* in the next chain 5 space 3tr, chain 3,3tr ch1, In the chain 3 space, 3tr chain1* until the end

you should have something like this
-chain 3(counts as1 tr) ,2tr,ch3,3tr into the same space*( ch 1 3tr) into each ch 1 space along side square,ch1 ,into each ch 3 space on the corner (ch1 3tr ch3 3tr) till the end.
-repeat the above row one more time and your final reult should be something like this

lets meet next week when you are all done.then we will start joining the granny squares.
keep safe,

if you have a question  email me ~~~~~~~> annw330@gmail.com
i would also love to see the photos of your progress

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