Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bag Tutorial -part 3 joining granny squares

welcome back .
we are now on part 3,
where we will be laying down and joining our granny squares.
here is a link on 10 ways to join your granny squares.
i used the double crochet method since it holds the squares firmly and leaves nice finish.
you can use whichever method you find easy.

lay down your granny squares as follows

then join the sides of the bag as follows.simple right?

you should end up with something like this

and  on the side it should look something like this

now that you are done joining ,your bag has shape.

row 1- 1tr on each tr space and chain one space and 2tr on  chain 3 space all around
row(2-6 )-tr all around
fasten off.
you should have something like this
lay the bag down flat and find the two mid points
skipping 2 tr from the end,ch 3(counts as a tr) tr all through one side  stop when you get to tr2 to the mid point as shown below.
row 2-6 turn and tr all through

repeat this on the other side
you should have something like this

have the bag lined and a zipper put in-i took mine to a tailor
and had four 25 mm eyelets put in .

sorry i didn't get a photo of the eyelets without the leather handles.
stay tuned 
on how to put in crochet handles

keep safe,

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